The American Performing
Arts Theatre Company

Our Mission

The American Performing Arts Theatre Company is dedicated to providing the region with professional-quality productions of new and well-established plays as well as professional-quality theater education opportunities for all learning levels, both of which goals serve to strengthen the fiber of the community by helping participants to achieve their potential through the performing arts.

APA's Road to Latrobe

 Finding a home---a place to perform---wasn’t as easy as it may appear.  American Performing Arts has been searching for quite some time.  Since the original Cabaret Theatre along Penn-Adamsburg Road in Hempfield Township closed, in 1985 the search has been ongoing.
Casino Teatre in Vandergrift, PA
We found a temporary home at the White Barn Theatre in North Huntingdon for a while from 1986 until about 1988, I believe.  The White Barn is now no longer in existence.  But during the time we were there, we even toured a production of Jesus Christ Superstar to the gym at St. Gregory the Great parish in Virginia Beach, Virginia.​
St. Gregory the Great gym now being renovated.​
In the mid 1980's we produced three plays at The Greensburg Garden and Civic Center. And then,  I believe it was during the summer of 1989 that we produced a summer season in the cafeteria of Mon Valley Catholic High School, another institution that no longer exists.
Early in the new century, we tried to establish ourselves at the Science Hall Theater at Westmoreland County Community College by mounting a wonderful production of the female version of  The Odd Couple and by conducting a workshop for young actors.  We returned to try again in 2008 with a production ofThe Fourposter and a Christmas show called The Shepherd.  
In 2009 we found ourselves at the Ferguson Theater on the campus of Pitt Greensburg where we produced an evening of one acts entitled THREEFER.  The one-acts where “Deep Pockets,” “A Life’s Work,” and “The Lost Second.”  Also that year, we began negotiations on St. Boniface Church in Penn, PA.We came close to buying that property, but it didn’t work out as we had planned.
  Undaunted, in 2011we embarked on a series of Readings of the play Celibacy and held them at the Irwin Moose.  That developed into a staged reading of the play at the Pittsburgh Playwrights Theater on Liberty Avenue in Pittsburgh.  When the play had undergone significant rewrites, we produced a full production of it at Reeves Theatre on the  campus of Seton Hill University.
The stage was tiny but we managed to create a lovely set for the show.
  It was shortly after that in 2012 that we actually progressed to the “hand money” stage on the old Gillespie Building in Jeannette, PA.  Once again, a series of unfortunate circumstances halted progress on that project and so we were once again “in the hunt” for a space.
2014 found us looking at a storefront on Main Street in Latrobe and we decided to mount another production of Celibacy in that space.  It was even tinier than Reeves Theatre, but once again we managed.
In 2015 we took up a kind of residence at the “theatre downstairs” of the Crystal Ballroom in Herminie PA.  There we produced Funicello’sBirthday,”A Good Night’s Sleep,” and  “The Tale of Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny.”  After that we had an opportunity to “move on “ up to the Eastside” and we mounted a very entertaining production of Nunsense in the upstairs ballroom.
  In 2015, we were introduced to the Latrobe Athletic Club (Paramount Theatre/Manos Theatre) on Main Street in Latrobe.   Most of our friends know the rest:  WE BOUGHT IT on August 13, 2015… and soon…when the renovations are completed, we will open it as The Cabaret Theatre—Home of American Performing Arts Theatre Company.
Until that time, we are still mounting shows.  This time across the street at our friendly neighborhood Latrobe Art Center.

​Our Grand Opening production is scheduled to be Man of La Mancha.  When it opens in June, the journey to find a home will be over…and a new one will begin:  the quest to become a Regional Entertainment Center.

Board Members

Wayne Jones
 Artistic Director
John Carosella

Vice President
Joe Milliren

Lori Jones

John Light

Clark Stewart

Donna Horanic